Early Days of Indian Migrants in PEI.

If you are migrating to PEI & looking for some help on figuring out all things I would like to help you. As you are migrating I am sure you would be knowing about weather & basics of PEI. So I am going to skip that and will help you out on things which is going to matter

First of all Moving Around PEI


Charlottetown has Radio taxi which covers most of the region. Fare is fair. With in 20 CAD you can reach to any destination from Airport.

Bus Transit System

T3 Transit bus operates in PEI. In Charlottetown ride will cost you CAD 2.25. If you buy 10 Tickets it ll cost you CAD 2 per ticket. Monthly passes are available $65.

Multiple routes are there. In Weekend Bus frequency is very less so plan your weekend accordingly.  If you want to get a transfer with in the Charlottetown just talk to driver that you need to extend your journey , driver will give you ticket which you can use for next journey.

Car Rental

All major car rental are available at Airport. Enterprise is located at University of PEI & in Downtown.

Accommodation in Charlottetown PEI

Staying near downtown will help you but it is a smaller town so if you have car you can practically stay anywhere.

Things which works best to find an accommodation.



Facebook Groups

Indian Food & Grocery availability in Charlottetown

Indian Food are not available in variety but there are 3-4 Indian Restaurants. Also there is a store The Spice Store in Charlottetown which sells Indian Grocery

People of Charlottetown

It is a retirement town to be very honest & also tourists are older people who are willing to tick their bucket list. Thus people are nice and peaceful.

In Next Few Posts I will be helping New Indian Migrants to sort-out their basic need ex Health card, SIN, Bank Account , School Admission process for your kid.