Famous Places to Visit in Brazil During the FIFA World Cup 2014

The FIFA world cup in Brazil will start from 12th June 2014 and will go on until 13th July 2014. People all over the world including the Indians are gearing up to get the Brazilian visa and visit the country to not only view the world cup but also visit the famous places taking part in various activities as well. Be ready to have your drink of Espresso coffee.

The cities in Brazil that will host the World cup are: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Cuaiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Sao Paulo

12 cities in Brazil will play host to the world cup matches. As luck would have it, the majority of these cities has beaches, so the fans or the travelers can take the benefit of enjoying on these beaches. The first match of the FIFA world cup 2014 will see the hosts taking on Croatia in Sao Paulo. There are many great places to travel in Brazil during the world cup. Some of them are:

  • Salvador
  • São Paulo
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Ecuador
  • Brasília
  • Cuiabá
  • Fortaleza
  • Manaus
  • Rio de Janeiro and some more

Brazil is home to many cultural and ethnic groups including the ancient monuments and architecture, Brazilian art and the famous carnival festivals. The tourists can enjoy the national dish cuisine ‘Feijoada, a bean stew and other such local cuisines and drinks.  The steak houses are famous to serve their clients with various mouth-watering meat dishes. People like to drink rum and lime drink –Caipirinha a cocktail.

The very well-known Amazon River visit can’t be left due, where people can have a canoe experience and experience the rainforest wildlife. Brazil is famous for many things that include sun bathing, beaches, food, sports activities like kayaking, sailing, water skiing etc.

Rio de Janeiro

The fans that are planning to travel up to Rio de Janeiro have many things to explore. The Rio Carnival is one event that is a must to attend.  Copacabana beach can also be visited to enjoy a beautiful beach atmosphere along with a stay in the nearby hotel resorts, bars, night clubs and the local food festival. The Rio Carnival is very famous all over the world, for it gives a time of singing, party and dance for all the people. The Samba Parade in the carnival is its main attraction as dancers from Portuguese and African influenced dance on the streets to the rhythm of the bands


There are many good restaurants like the Plataforma restaurant where non vegetarians can have their fill and drinks


Salvador is famous for the big Estádio Fonte Nova stadium and will host 6 world cup matches. It has many bars and restaurants for people to enjoy with an excellent night life. One can enjoy any of the beaches with an excellent winter temperature. The Baia de Todos os Santos beach is considered to be ideal for the tourists to have a swim. Salvador is also home to some of the colonial architecture. Adventurous people can take the advantage of trekking and various sports activities.

Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo is famous for exporting coffee to the rest of the world and is well known for coffee palace, coffee stock exchange, coffee museum and the soft sand beaches near the Atlantic Forests. People can try the various coffee drinks at the museum and satisfy their curiosity. The tourists can also enjoy a round trip transport services around the city’s landmarks and view the scenic landscapes.

The Tombo beach and Rufino -the seafood restaurant should not be given a miss at any rate.

Igauzu Falls

The Igauzu Falls are one of the UNESCO listed waterfalls that are located between the borders of Brazil and Argentina. It is visited by thousands of tourists and visitors every day and is home to a national park that has more than 450 species of birds and animals. These falls are also home to many species of butterflies and so an ideal place for photographers as well.  There is an excellent bird park nearby the falls with many species of butterflies with information given to visitors for their knowledge.

Iguazu Fall


Brazilia is the Brazil’s capital and is must to visit for its excellent city commercial and residential structures and monuments. Brazilia has also got the UNESCO’s world heritage status. The football stadium in the city has more than 70,000 seats for the fans with a metal roof. The Metropolitan Cathedral, Parliamental building and the National Museum along with Pargue Nacional das Emas for wild life is worthy of having a visit for the tourists.

More information on the other interesting places in Brazil coming up in the near future.

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