Mendelssohn festival on the isle of Mull

My friend had just come from his journey to the famous Isle of Mull in 2012. In our music classes, we had heard about the popular Mendelssohn festivals. I was sure that he would not have missed the wonderful chance of attending the music festival. I asked him to describe and tell me the details of Mendelssohn festival, which he very eagerly gave me. (not required its like story)

History and importance of Mendelssohn Festival


The Mendelssohn festival is organized in the honor of 18th century musician and composer ‘Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847). Mr. Mendelssohn was German born composer, an excellent pianist and an organist. He was recognized from his childhood to have a great talent for music. He wrote many symphonies, oratorios, composed music for piano, chamber music etc. His best known works include incidental music for ‘A Midsummer night’s dream, the Italian and the Scottish symphony, string octet among other famous music.

Mendelssohn became more famous in Britain after Germany in which his 5 Philharmonic concerts in London were well received by one and all.Most of his music works and compositions of more than 720 works remained unknown till late 1960’s. More of his works are said to be still unknown to public. The music festival is conducted every year in his honor to recognize and honor talented and emerging young musicians with support of professional musicians to mentor them.The Mull trust on Mendelssohn’s name was founded by the famous musician and violinist Leonard Freidman in 1988, with the help of some young group of musicians in Isle of Mull. The main aim was to get away from stressful atmosphere, which got converted into a festival of international fame.

More about the festival.

 Free concerts are also held across different venues like Iona, Mull and other places. The festival helps to provide young musicians, opportunities and a relaxed environment to take their music skills, and take their talent ahead at an advanced level and develop personally.

Of course, when this kind of festival is organized every year, it enjoys a considerable name in major media channels. Important media partners like ‘The Guardian, the Herald, The Scotsman, BBC Music magazine and the times along with other famous media channels have recognized and acclaimed the festival.

The current year’s Mendelssohn festival dates.

2013 is marked as an important year for Mendelssohn music festival as it celebrates 25 years of music making.  The music festival in 2013 will start from 1st July to 6th July 2013. The only criteria to attend this concert and hear the beautiful music is to be at least there by 30 minutes before time. 

The concerts will be performed by 3 groups at predetermined locations at evening time. There are many venues like the Small Creech Church, which houses only about 50 people and the great hall of Duart Castle.

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