Pacific Highway 1: Take a Ride to the Heaven!

Pacific Highway 1

If you have never been so close to the world’s biggest ocean, The Pacific Ocean, this is the time to do it. There are many spots in the USA and New Zealand where you can experience the beauty of the gigantic ocean. If not, you can try to travel all along the coastline in USA which gives you stunning views and uncountable stops to have fun with your loved ones. One of the coastline roads is Pacific Highway 1 in California. It is stretched between San Diego and San Francisco for over 1000km.

As said, there are several places to visit on the way, here are some breathtaking spots to spend some unforgettable moments:


The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

If you start from San Francisco, just take a ride on The Golden Gate Bridge to unwind yourself for a 1000km ride heading towards San Diego. There are several spots on the bridge where you can take selfies with your loved ones. And the fact that the bridge is on the North Pacific Ocean, it will give you a chance to see the biggest ocean right under your feet. Don’t miss a chance to see The Golden Gate Bridge if you have just started from San Francisco.


Boardwalk, Santa Cruz

Broadwalk, Santa Cruz, Beach

After a couple of hours of journey from The Golden Gate Bridge, you will be landing in the city of Santa Cruz. The town is filled with some amazing tourist destinations and one them is Boardwalk. It is an amusement park and there is everything available for your kids to have fun unlimited. The park is one of the rare seaside parks on the west coast and if you are on the Pacific Highway 1, you shouldn’t miss to visit the park. There are many happenings and events on the beach. Some of the upcoming events are Spring Break, Free Movies on the Beach, 45th Annual Santa Cruz Band Review and many more…


Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey Bay, Aquarium

An hour journey from Santa Cruz,  Monterey Bay is a bay of Pacific Ocean on the Southern part of San Francisco. The Monterey Bay Aquarium will be sheer delight to watch and it is the only window to watch the marine life very closely. Educational centre at the spot will give your little ones a chance to explore about different sea animals. Besides having fun by feeding the penguins, there is a lot more to do at Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you are not satisfied with the marine life that you are watching in the aquarium, you can have a look at the some stunning snapshots displayed in the rooms all over the place.


Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara day, Santa Barbara delicious food

Now that you had enough of sightseeing, unwinding yourself and gorging on some delicious food, it’s now time to enjoy the real scenery of the Pacific Highway 1. Take a long ride from Monterey Bay to Santa Barbarawhich is almost 230 miles and would take 3 to 4 hours to travel. Evening would be the best time to do it to enjoy the beautiful view of the sun setting in the ocean. Have a delicious dinner and rest for the night to enjoy the sunny morning at Santa Barbara Zoo. If you love the animal life and botanic gardens, this place is a perfect destination for you.


Long Beach

Newport Beach, California beach, Long Beach

There is a lot to watch and experience at the Long Beach. You can visit several beaches in the town such as Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach etc. You might love to ride your car on the 2-mile long Coronado Bridge which snakes to San Diego Bay. Besides that, you can also spend some time watching the Long Beach Museum of Art which showcases the traditional culture of the town. One the way you will see some lagoons coming towards you from the ocean.


And finally after a long drive of almost 1000km, you will be in San Diego which is the end point of Pacific Highway 1. Visiting the tourist places in the city would be a perfect end to your journey. Happy travelling!


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