How Modern Travellers Use Technology Before and After Travel

Travellers have become smart and technology savvy. They use technology in every major activity of their everyday life. Tourists use their smart-phones, tablets, computers, etc before they undertake their journey to search out some information. They also use these devices after their travel expedition for many reasons. Search Behavior of People for a Travel Website […]

Philips Animal Garden-Aruba

In the previous week, we read something on Arashi Beach in Aruba. Now let’s get some brief information on Philips Animal Garden that is also based in Aruba. Information about Philip’s Animal Garden The Philip’s animal garden is a non profit organization that puts attention on rescuing unusual animals of Aruba and the surrounding region. […]

Indian Travellers read 11 reviews before Selecting a Hotel

Indian travellers are getting smart and internet savvy. TripAdvisor had conducted an independent survey recently, on how an average online traveller selects a hotel. The study indicated on how the online travellers review and research about a hotel before booking it. TripAdvisor’s Survey Statistics The survey covered close to 12,225 respondents from across the world […]