Top International Locations For Indian Travelers in Diwali Vacation

It is that time when people pack up their bags for a short 10 day holiday and enjoy with their families in various locations. The effluent and rich people opt to choose foreign but nearby locations to spend time with their family in Diwali. There are many international and good places to be during the time of Diwali for people, in Asia, as well as outside Asia.

Some of the hot and all time favorite international locations for people to visit during Diwali-2013 November can be Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, Egypt and Mauritius. People can also opt to go for Sri Lanka or Nepal. Present below are some of the international places to explore for people.


Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for Indians, while planning for overseas travel due to many reasons. For once, it offers a good cultural show, new cuisines to try and lots of sight-seeing places to see and explore with family.

Thailand has good number of Islands like Koh Chang, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi etc that have excellent weather and climate at this time of the year. It is also recommended for people to visit the island of Koh Lanta, as it offers excellent opportunity to see the sea life and indulge in water sports as well like the scuba diving and fishing along with surfing on the waves of the water.

The other islands and beaches of Thailand are calm, serene, clear and a perfect spot to spend time with family and friends.  People going to Thailand can indulge in other activities like enjoying the night beach parties, hire a boat ride, diving and snorkel trips. They can also visit the Penang National park to see the wild life of the sea like turtles and crocodiles.

Thailand is preferred by Indians, because it comes within the budget of travel by most people and is quite cost affordable over all. People can open up their taste buds on the street side restaurants and enjoy the local flavour or choose to opt for more traditional dishes at an AC restaurant with various local cuisines.

They can visit the open air restaurants at cheaper prices and relish dishes like chicken, Thai noodles, curries along with the local beverages like the Thai Beer.

Thailand has lot of things to offer in terms of culture. People can have a glimpse of the local culture by visiting the grand palace, local museums and parks, and also do lot of other things like Golden triangle, enjoy elephant trekking, shop locally and visit national parks like the Doi Inthanon national park, Chiang Mai and the Khao Yai.  The Erawan and the Thilosu waterfall are the best for swimming


Singapore is located in Southeast Asia and a neighbour of Malaysia. Singapore has long been the favorite location for Indian Films and tourists for an easy travel. Singapore is a location, where people can get mix data recovery service Rescue PC is surprisingly easy to use and can even work with a locked-down PC that will not boot Windows. of Indian as well as Chinese culture.

The Singapore art museum is perfect to show modern as well as contemporary art, which showcases sculptures as well as paintings and Asian art collection with help of guides. The city is known for many of its parks in the city, which can be enjoyed with whole of the family along with a chance to use the skywalk as well.

The supermarkets of Singapore present a unique opportunity to do shopping for items from Asia, Europe, and Egypt at economic costs with tax free shopping benefits. The shopping items like fashion wear, books, electronics, CDs, local handicrafts etc are famous among the tourists here in Marina Bay.

The other things worth doing in Singapore by Indian Tourists is to visit the National Orchid Garden and the Singapore botanic garden to have a beautiful view of flowers and orchids, visit the famous Singapore Zoo, that is home to more than 2500 animals, birds and mammals with the world’s first free ranging orang-utan habitat show for the tourists, and a wonderful opportunity to mix with the animals freely and do photography.

People can also visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum to have a glimpse of the Buddhist culture. Children can be taken to the S.E.A aquarium to get lose in the wonder of the marine world having more than 100,000 marine animals with 800 species, visit the helix bridge, St Andrew”s Cathedral, take part in various dance and art festivals at this time of the year as well as enjoy eating each and every item on the street.


Mauritius is a place that can be visited all the year around by the Indian tourists. Port-Luis, the capital of Mauritius has lot to offer in terms of shopping, natural history museum, botanical gardens, the famous volcano crater of Trou-Auz-Cerfs and other places.

People who want to visit the natural scenery should visit the Tamarind waterfall and the Black river Gorges national park to have a nice afternoon and evening time spent walking. There are some known beaches in Mauritius that are famous for the white sand, coral reefs, and good fishing experience along with a silent boat ride.

People can visit the Heritage golf club to have a wonderful game of golf, as well as visit the Diver’s ocean, Casela Nature and Leisure Park in Cascavelle to be with the animals, have a view of government house and the blue penny museum.  People can also visit the local shops near the streets to purchase local items for the family


Egypt- The land of Mummies and one of the less frequented tourist destination of the Indians. However, from couple of years, Indians have started preferring Egypt over other destinations in Diwali.  Egypt is known for its cold nights, so tourists can definitely expect some cold atmosphere amid the local people.   There are many museums in Egypt, that show mummies of ancient kings and queens, gold, jewellery, coins, artefacts, sculptures etc like the Coptic museum, Egyptian museum and the likes

People can also view the beautiful minarets, visit the mosques, and buy the local items from the streets of Cairo, which present a unique show of ancient buildings, modern houses and the Karnak temples along with a visit to the Nile, a visit to the temple of Philae and the Aswan Dam. Various Pyramids like the Sphinx and the great Pyramid can never be left to be seen, as it presents a wonderful and amazing view of the ancient architecture along with precise geometric calculation.

New Zealand

For those effluent and influential people, who would not mind to spend an extra dollar to have the best Diwali holiday, one of the destination worth visiting their family is New Zealand.

New Zealand is known for its natural scenic view of mountains and beaches. People can visit Auckland to view one of the various harbours or the beaches that offer a guided tour for the first timers.  The famous Reinga lighthouse can be visited to know something about the Maori mythology or a visit to the hot water beach to have a natural spa bath at the Coromandel peninsula is a must.  The rose town at the Te awanutu  is a must tourist destination spot for people who love horticulture to view various roses at display.

New Zealand can offer a wonderful opportunity for dolphin and whale lovers to see these wonderful marine creatures in their natural habitat near the Kaikoura on the South Islands at affordable costs.

Indians can pamper themselves to luxurious stay in the star hotels and resorts in suites and treat themselves in the swimming pool, gaming zone, steam rooms, having wonderful different wines, and enjoy other adventures like the Scuba Diving, speed boating, Nature guided tour, fishing and skiing in the wonderful snowy mountains.

They can also see the famous sky tower of Auckland during the night time when it is in full lighting form along with the Harbour Bridge and do the famous bungee jumping with friends.

Shopping can never be left out in New Zealand , with almost every item available from world over. The foodies can enjoy the Famous New Zealand Noodles and local flavours along with a mix of Australian flavours as well. There are lots of Resident Indians in the country, so people can enjoy Diwali with their lot and have the best time of their lives.

So book your tickets to any of these above mentioned destinations and lighten up your Diwali time to be spent with family in a quality way.