Top Places To Visit In Diwali Vacation Near Gujarat

Top Places To Visit In Diwali Vacation Near Gujarat

The festival of lights –Diwali is upon us and soon, there will be bursting of crackers and celebrations all around India as well as Gujarat. People in the state, fondly known as the ‘Gujjus’ will have made travel plans to go somewhere during the holidays.  People prefer to visit nearby places in Gujarat due to short holidays.

There are many places to explore for people. Presented below are top places to visit in Diwali vacation for people in Gujarat.

  1. Kutch

    The district of Kutch is one of the important places to visit in Diwali vacation as it covers about 24% of total area of Gujarat. Kutch is known for its unique handicrafts, culture and helpful people. It h      as a different and alluring landscape, geography as well as wildlife to explore.

    KutchPeople visiting Kutch can do many different things like visiting the Asiatic Wild Sanctuary; visit the famous mother goddess temple known as Mata no Madh in Bhuj.  They can also enjoy the Rann of Kutch, the famous desert of India and Asia. One can also visit various wetlands and lakes in Kutch to see many types of rare birds like Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Crane, Pelicans, Bustards, and Indian Skimmer etc. with wildlife as well.

    People interested in buying arts and handicrafts items can visit Banni, Anjar, Rapar, Khavda, Bhuj etc to have the best designs of handicrafts, textiles etc. Many historical forts and heritage can be visited to know the history and culture of the people and the royals. The Kutch Rann Utsav will soon be held in November month. Moreover, they can also enjoy a nightly Kutch Rann camel ride on the desert sides.

  2. Junagadh-Sasan GirJunagadh_Sasan_Gir

    The Sasan-Gir national park sanctuary has just re-opened after the Monsoon, and it is the best place to be if the children want to see the king of the jungle-Lion out in the open in its natural habitat with their pride. The Gir national park has core zone, which goes to almost more than 250 sq km. People can also take a chance to have a glimpse of other wild life like leopards, deer, jackals, and more than 300 species of birds.

    Junagadh can be visited to see the Nizam’s palace, Buddha’s sttupas, many historical structures, Visit saints, buy the famous Junagadh Scalf-known as bandhani, and purchase excellently designed handicrafts.

  3. Somnath


    People who are religious can best visit Somnath and Dwarka to have ‘Darshan’ of Lord Shiva and Krishna. The Somnath temple is known for having one of the 12 jyotilinga in India, which is famous from the times of History. casino online It is located at the seaside and has wonderful intricate carvings on its sandstone architecture. They can also take a chance to visit a religious fair held on Kartik Purnima in starting of November.

    There is a beautiful evening sound and light laser show held in Somnath temple, which cannot be missed.

  4. Saputara

    SaputaraPeople who want some type of adventure or want to spend some cool nights can visit Gujarat’s only hill station –Saputara. This hill station has many great locations to explore and see like the Waghai village known for its hot springs, the gira waterfalls near Waghai, which is a perfect camping site and managed by the forest department with a nice botanical garden nearby.The famous museum of Saputara, which houses the tribal sculptures, culture and history is worthy of visit. The butterfly park and the Honey Bee nurturing center can be visited to have a glimpse of the wonderful creatures of nature. The sunset spot located near the ropeway spot cannot be missed as it gives a wonderful sunset picture every evening. The early morning risers can go up the hill to watch the sun rise from over the hills overlooking the jungles.

  5. Visit Jamnagar

    jamnagarDuring the time of Diwali, one cannot forget to think of visiting Jamnagar city. The City is known as the Nawab city due to its royal heritage. One can visit Dwarka near Jamnagar to visit the famous Lord Krishna’s temple.The places worth visiting in Jamnagar are Darbargadh Palace, known as the palace of the royals which has some of the best stone carvings, wall paintings and sculptures. The Lakhota palace and the lake can also be visited to have a museum waiting for you that has 9th to 19th century sculptures and pottery.Jamnagar should not be missed without seeing the famous Khijadia Bird Sanctuary and the Marine National park for the wildlife lovers.  It is a perfect place to be in Diwali time to see various lake and migratory birds in their full form.  Marine national park is home to Dolphins, turtles and tropical fishes. It is composed of 42 islands known for their mangroves and coral reefs. People come from faraway places to see the dolphins.

    The Jamnagar handicrafts, pottery, saris, bandhanis, shoes known as mojdis, royal caps or turbans are well known and can be purchased at cheap prices.


  6. Diu Beach

    Holidays cannot be complete without visiting a beach. Diwali holidays can also be spent in Diu

    beach in Saurasthra. The Diu beach is known for its calm and serene water, and provides a perfect gateway to cool off with the family. One can enjoy excellent swimming in the wonderful sea water with friends and family.The Diu beach is known for its cool winters and scenic sunset in the evening along with sun bathing, surfing and photography.  The Diu Fort can also be visited near the beach that offers some portion of historic events for people to see.

  7. Dwarka

    Dwarka_Temple As noted above, Devotees of Lord Krishna can take the opportunity to visit Dwarka, the ancient city of the lord’s kingdom. This place is being visited everyday by millions of people to worship and see the temple of Lord Krishna and the sea near the temple.The ancient city of Lord Krishna known as Bet Dwarka is submerged in the sea. It is also a tourist spot for seeing archaeological remains of the past. The temples of Lord Krishna, Adi Sankaracharya and Ramanuja are famous here. One cannot miss the Jagat Mandir known as Dwarkadhish temple, constructed from more than 1400 years ago.The other temples worth visiting for the people are the Sharada Peeth, one of the four mathas built by the Guru Shankaracharya with temple of Lord Shiva, known as Nageshwar mahadev temple.

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