Top things to do while in Cuba

Cuba is known as the pearl of the Antilles and it is the largest island in the entire Caribbean Sea and it seems to be a world apart from the refined holiday spots which surround it. Cuba is popular among the most visited tourist spots in the world and when you get here, you are going to see the reason why they come here.

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Go people watching at Havana Malecon

This is one of
the hotspots for the locals and this is one of the places that you can even
spend your day from sunset to sunrise. The Malecon seawall runs along the
Havana’s Atlantic for five miles as it faces the coast. The best time to come
here is at night as this place comes alive with musicians, lovers, teenagers
and street vendors who come to hang on the cliff or to drink rum and just party
hard to the mashup of breaking waves and melodious beats.


This is one of
the activities that you are going to try out while you are Cuba as Cuba is
popular for its cigar. You can easily buy Cuban cigars anywhere you go in Cuba
and you are going to get some of the best Cuban cigars from the tobacco farms.
Even if you don’t smoke, this is one of the activities that you should try out
and it provides a great chance to make Instagram worthy pictures to wow your
friends and families.

Hike the wilds of the Sierra Maestra

This is a great
anchor of the Cuban art and it is located in the deep southern reaches of the
country and its cascade dramatically to the Carribean Sea. The hill became
popular because of the totemic revolutionaries that trod the ridges in the 50s
like Fidel Castro. You can come here and go hiking from single to multi-day
hikes to the peaks and explore the old secret headquarters of the rebels or you
can just go sightseeing at the cloud forests and go bird watching at Parque
Nacional Turquino. There are many trekking guides that you can hire in the
nearby city of Bayamo.

Visit the streets of Old Havana

This is one of
the most authentic and earthy places in the Americas and the UNESCO district is
located in the heart of the capital of Cuba. You will be mesmerized with the
striking architecture with the rows of peeling baroque townhouses with the
Andalusian style arcades which fringe the roadways. Some of the attractions
that you can visit are Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas. The highlight of
the district is the fortification which is dominated by a trio of Fortaleza
which towers over the urban canals with cannon holes that were used in the 17th
and 18th centuries.

Go sightseeing at the Museum of the Revolution

This museum is
housed in a stunning neo-classical Presidential Palace located in the heart of
the Havana and it is one of the places that you must visit while in Cuba. The
museum is home to collections like raw and fascinating first-hand artifacts
from the political revolution in the 50s like the guns that were used by Camilo
Cienfuegos and Che Guevara. You will also see the boat which brought Castro to
Cuban shores from the Granma expedition in 1956. If you want to learn about
history, this is the right place for you as you will get to learn more about
Cuban history just by visiting here.

Enjoy cabaret at the Tropicana Club

You should make
sure you experience this stunning show while in Cuba and where you are going to
see this is at Tropicana Club which is situated between the streets of Marianao
on the western side of Havana and the show has been going on since the 1930s.
Although the price to this joint is not cheap, you will see that the experience
surpasses the price as you will get to enjoy bombastic dance shows and music
nights with the showgirls wearing plumes of peacock feathers and shiny sequins.