Travelling and Living: A Unique Survey!

In earlier times, travelling was limited to just a holiday, but now in modern times, people have adopted travelling as a hobby and see many advantages out of it. Today, the teenagers and youth are more attracted to travelling.

In a survey conducted by an independent research firm about travelling in 2013, some interesting statistics showed up. The survey covered many categories such as:

  1. Most romantic cities

  2. Most romantic nations

  3. Travelling careers

  4. Advantages of choosing a career in travelling

  5. General Advantages of travelling

Let us dive into the each of these and get some information

1. Most Romantic Cities

Married couples and youngsters prefer choosing a travelling destination which is symbolic of love and where they can collect memories of a lifetime. The survey conducted over the most romantic cities found out that people still consider Paris as the number one romantic city to visit followed by London. The romantic cities list is:

  1. Paris

  2. London

  3. New York

  4. Sydney and

  5. Rome

Paris-Anderson-Tours                                                                                       Source-Anderson Tours

2. Most Romantic Nations

The survey found out interesting inputs from people when they were asked to choose their favorite romantic nations. These nations included:

  1. Spain

  2. Argentina

  3. Italy

  4. France and

  5. Brazil

The survey found out that the reasons why people chose these romantic cities and nations were because of various famous landmarks, culture and the wonderful history associated with each of them. Moreover tourists prefer destinations which are convenient to them in terms of language, culture and attitude of people.

3. Travelling careers

There are many professions which involve travelling. People who choose professions such as tour guide, archaeologist, English translators and international workers regularly travel to different countries.

Travelling Career                                                                      

4. Advantages of choosing a career in travelling

The survey came out with some statistics which are interesting to see. People cited that they loved to travel due to the benefits it brings along the journey. The independent survey found out that some advantages of choosing a travel career are:

  1. Open mindedness

  2. Improved communication

  3. Adaptability to conditions

  4. Planning skills are developed and

  5. Team work skills are enhanced

5. General advantages of travelling

The independent survey went some deeper into categories of the advantages of travelling, like health benefit, love aspect, education and how ladies took travelling as. The statistics show:

A) Love

  • 58% of travellers had a holiday romance

  • 80% of couples feel that their relationship is strong and romantic due to travelling

  • 50% of people feel connected with their relatives due to travelling


B) Career

  • more than 80% of women working abroad feel that travelling enhances their career

  • 73% of HR professionals say that a gap taken for travelling is worth the effort

  • 90% of employers agree to the benefits of studying abroad and travel by that aspect

C) Health

  • 75% of people believe that travelling is must to avoid job burnout

  • Regular travellers rate their health more on a scale of 1 to 5

  • An annual vacation can reduce an individual’s risk of heart attack by 50%

Speaking of health, the survey investigated into the fact that most healthiest countries were Singapore, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and Japan ( 1 to 5 rate scale basis)

Regular travellers said in the survey that travelling once in a while helped them to have a better sleep with lower stress hormones, low BP, strong immune system and more increased life expectancy.

D) Education

  • The survey also investigated into the education sector. The statistics say:

  • 85% of students agree with travelling regularly

  • 65% of students who learned foreign language abroad still continue to use it

  • 65% of students who travel to foreign destinations get higher degrees

London had the highest number of international students ( 99,360) followed by Paris ( 96,782) and Singapore ( 91,500)

This shows how people perceive travelling in the 21st century. Taking up travelling as a career is now considered to be a wise decision-monetarily as well as from all fronts.