Turquoise Bay Is One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World!

Close your eyes and imagine the endless turquoise water all around with white warm sand and breeze that plays with you. The freshness, the cool atmosphere and the quiet beauty gives you a feeling of being in heaven. A slice of calmness you would take home. Sigh!

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Turquoise beach, is famous for its lovely clean and calm beach, the unbelievable turquoise water and the breath taking view of the life inside it and of course snorkeling.


Turquoise Bay is famous for:

Turquoise Bay in the Cape Range National Park is the postcard perfect beach in Western Australia. The Ningaloo Reef’s main barrier is only 100m away from the shore. The reef encompasses a lagoon of crystal-clear water and the sea has the most colourful marine treasure you would come across and definitely it’s worth exploring. The pristine beauty of the nature that you would be compelled to spend the whole day and the beach so perfect as if no one was ever there before you!

Life at Turquoise Bay:

Marine life you’re highly likely to see while snorkelling in Turquoise Bay and off the drift snorkel beach include Spangled emperor, Blue damselfish, Moon wrasse, Butterfly fish, Triggerfish, Blue spotted ribbon-tail rays, Bright blue starfish, stingrays and turtles.

An excellent site for snorkelling; you can go in almost all seasons. It’s the best beach in Western Australia, known for its richness in coral diversity and marine life. But make sure to apply the sunscreen as the sun is strong with no trees around to protect you!

The beauty of the corals can be viewed in the north-eastern end of the bay, in the sea grassy area off the rocky point.

Snorkelling in Turquoise Bay:

Explore the reefs at the snorkel drift by entering the water at the southern end of the beach; do take care of the strong current (at southernmost point and around sand bar). I am sure once you are inside the sea it’s difficult for you to put the fantastic experience you would have, in words. For the first time swimmers it’s advisable to hire a licensed tour operator or get a company of an experienced swimmer. Bring the snorkel stuff and flippers. Practice before moving to the corner of the drift.

A visit to the Turquoise beach will take you on a magical journey. The virgin beauty of the beach with the blazing sun and the serene environment all around will make you short of the adjectives you need to describe the feeling!

Take a slice of heaven with you in form of pictures while returning!