Top 10 Bars In Istanbul, Turkey!

A night in Istanbul is fun, vibrant and colourful. The cultural and historical heart of the country has much in its kitty to offer. The first time visitors or regular tourist, all would love to enjoy the nightlife in the streets of Istanbul. It has destinations for all, and much to delight the foreign visitors. The amazing place has more than one entertainment destination and that makes the stay in the city even more eventful and enjoyable. Check out for the classy and trendy old bars in Istanbul, some new and some few decades old bars in the city, which can turn your gloomy night to a phenomenal affair to remember.

Litera Bar:

Litera-BarThe tall building is located at the top of Goethe institute, in the streets of Beyo?lu. Go there early to watch the splendid sunset and find a good place to sit to get the view of the beautiful city. Glass walls, high table with stool is definitely making you realise of the wise arrangement and the friendly staff is sure to serve you the cocktail that won’t let you go soon. Enjoy your wine with good vibes and music.


360-restaurant-bar-istanbulThis is in a very literal sense. 360 is located in the middle of Istiklal street. This is the place from where the city from all direction is visible and that’s what will attract you here.  Come here in the evening and get a fancy seat to capture the breath taking beautiful view of Istanbul and Bosporous. Sip your drink slowly and eat your bites amidst the buzzing music.


Münferit-IstanbulSituated down the hill from the Istiklal Caddesi on the Yeni Carsi Caddesi, Munferit is a restaurant by day that turns out to be the trendiest bar at night, it’s an excellent place to hang out with friends at hillside. An ambience that is dark and modern, it is the place to taste some great wines including some Turkish wines to savor on. Don’t forget to try special Raki wine and black cous cous!


Urban Cafe IstanbulIt is close to Istiklal but little away from the cacophony of the crowd. A bar-cum-cafe between the Galatasaray Lisesi (high school) and Galatasaray hamam, it’s a place for loners who are looking to spend some silent time. It’s a cozy place that comes alive at the sunset time and allows you to be alone with a beer or with few close friends. The Parisian interior is beautiful and nicely done where the winters are spent while the summers are usually outside. Tea, coffee, wine, beer, whatever you are looking for, this is your perfect place to get lost in yourself.

Susam Café:

Susam CaféA nice little vintage café hidden in the backstreet of Cihangir. If you are looking for a lonely place to eat or drink or just sit around with your loved ones then you should definitely go there. The classic atmosphere is colourful with old style furniture and the Turkish style breakfast is a must try. This very place is happening one on weekends with a mix of local and tourist crowd. It also has a street side terrace if you want to enjoy the sun.


Smyrna-IstanbulThe place has its own old charm with aesthetic decoration that is beautifully done, the warm comfortable place with high ceiling and the tables that are shaded with plants, will give a bohemian feeling. It’s a popular place with writers, actors and locals. The tables that are set onto the street under the trees are where you would love to spend your evening with a drink in your hand watching the crowd move.

Nargilem Café:

Nargilem-Café-IstanbulAn evening in Tophane is something to enjoy before leaving the place. The street is packed with lounge-style shisha (the Turks call it “nargileh”) with cafes running into each other, where so many waiters are trying to lure you.  You can experience the number of sellers selling almonds and tutti- frutti by making their way through the tables.

Büyük Londra:

Büyük-Londra-IstanbulBuilt in 1881, the place is located just off the Istiklal cad, Beyo?lu, a part of the history of Beyo?lua lies here. The beauty and the civility of this place are palpable. The parrots and finches add to the charm and put a smile on your face. You can see the walls adorning the pictures and objects from the bygone era. Relax while having a drink in the rooftop area, something not to be missed.

Sultan Pub:

Sultan-Pub-IstanbulIt’s an American styled bar, where you can have fun enjoying your drink. For a glass of wine and the lovely sight of the city, this place is a spot not to be missed. The harrowing iron steps take you to the top floor to see a view that’s worth it. It’s a place to sit outside with a drink looking at the locals and relishing the taste of hamburgers and alcohol.

Cukurcuma 49:

Cukurcuma-49-IstanbulCukurcuma 49 is located in the middle of Cihangir, in Turnac?ba?? Street no. 49 in the parallel direction to the street of Beyo?lu-Istiklal. The place earlier was a photography atelier with two floors. Now the ground floor is the pizza restaurant and the upper one is still a gallery. You can enjoy the varieties of pizzas along with the self-made wines here. The dim light, stone walls that give it an earthy look with the soothing music playing is what you need to do on a relaxed evening sipping your drink.