Dubai Layover (Transit) with Emirate Airways For An Indian Traveller

Dubai Transit visa for Indian Travellers

As an Indian Citizens we always think to get something more ūüėČ Dubai Transit Visa for Indian is something like that. I had meeting with one of Web Development Client in Dubai. But I got to know that there is a very hassle free transit visa facility in Dubai if you are travelling through Emirates Airlines

Emirate Airline and Transits Visa

I was flying by Manchester to Dubai to Ahmedabad. I prefer Emirates airways bit more. But I like almost all airways as long as they land safely.  I was meeting one of my client in Dubai for one website development work. I was worried about transits visa . As an Indian you sometime have to witness a very bad situation on international airports. But here situation was online casino different; Emirate Airways is providing very convenient services.

Transits Visa Process At Dubai Airport

After Arriving at Dubai airport you just need to go to Emirate’s information center & tell them that you need a transits visa and you have a layover of more than 8hrs. if you have layover of more than 8hrs they will arrange visa transport facility Accommodation J

Awesome Accommodation & Pickup and drop Facility during layover

You get a 3-5 start hotel accommodation , pick up and drop facility  , lunch /d inner / breakfast on emirate airways.  What a great arrangement. I was so lucky that I visited sarjah as well ..  What I did in Dubai & Sarjah will be on other post but today I am just sharing that if you are Indian  Citizens and want to have a layover in Dubai .. Just fly with Emirates and you will get all what you want J

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