Visit Dubai Musuem

Dubai Museum is one of the place to visit when you visit dubai .. it is very small but can give some of the detail about Arab Culture, ancient history & rituals. I visited it with few friends . I had an apointment with my SEO Customers.. but it was late in the day  so I went to visit this musuem.

Where Exactly is Dubai Musuem?

Dubai Musueum is very near Table 12-1 Big file and data recovery Analysis Analysis Type Description Basic analytics for insight Slicing and dicing of data, reporting, simple visualiza- tions, basic monitoring. to main market where all Indians are visiting buy dry fruits & gold 🙂 so , it is not hard to find. It will cost you 20-30 UAE$ for it.. I am not sure how much it is in money but it is not that bad if you have come all the way to Dubai 🙂

What else you can do in Dubai?

There are so many beaches, buildings, mall and Sarjah is not so far may be a night journey and you can have desert safari.. Dont miss desert Safari 🙂








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