New Forest National Park Ancient Wooded Area of England in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Top Attraction

The “New Forest” is one of England’s most ancient wooded areas and is the latest “National Park “to be created. It is easily reached within 30 minutes from Bournemouth where you will find an abundance of pretty villages and small towns to explore. Often used by William the Conqueror from 1079 as his favorite playground many of its original tranquil walks, open spaces and delightful forest glades have remained unchanged since those days. The royal manor constructed at Lyndhurst soon became the principal place to be seen at with Kings, Queens and all things royal regularly coming here.

When I visited this place in last year.. all I can say that it was wonderful rustic experience. You get a true rustic experience in your life.. which is very important to have in busy life. You will meet new forest Ponies. These animals are owned by new forest commoners. In New forest Pony has right of way over you will see many ponies on the road.. because of this many ponies will have reflector to avoid fatalities.

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