Caffe Nuovo Sidcup – Feel Like Home

I was on a client visit from Leeds to Sidcup . It was my first time visit to Sidcup so I had no idea how long it will take time to find an address & as an immigrant you and lone traveler you feel bit insecure as well.  When I landed at Sidcup ( 8:30 am in the morning) I was searching for a good cafe to freshen up & prepare for the meeting. Also my tablet which was my TOM-TOM ( Navigator) was dried I wanted it to charged else I would have ended up searching the address.


Unfortunately Sidcup was even smaller than I expected. There was no startbucks or costa cafe nearby .. one costa vending machine was installed in Sainsburry or co-operation food super market.  I figured it out that its not going to happen after walking one or two miles here an there.  And it was morning so nothing was open.  as time passed by I saw there is a small cafe was open , i went there ordered a coffee rightaway, started my laptop & also started charging tablet.

What makes Caffe Nuovo Unique?

Most of the time your product makes you unique but here it was different or Caffe Nuovo may have different kind of “product” in my mind.  There two lady in Cafe Nouvo ( forgot name of both) , one was chineese and second I guess was British. She served me coffee with a great smile. She took order .. I asked for the internet she said politely that its not available. I began to enter on concentrate on my work.

As time passed people started to filling in small caffe. I was surprized how small caffee can be so busy !!!. But thing was each and every customer seemed regular. 1 Old Couple, 1 Mother , daughter & grand daughter, 3 female friends, 1 couple .. all of them were knowing waitresses and also the owner of the caffee. They were talking about personal talk, family talk and what not.  Even one girl who got job was sharing that news with the waitresses..  To be casino online very honest energy of these close , neat community filled energy in me.  What an amazing organization 3 young people running a cafe , taking care of all customer”s personal life. It was really clear that because of the nature of the staff and an owner .. people were coming here to talk to them instead eating or drinking.  Chinese Lady even looked at me and said this young gentle man is thinking what these people are talking about . Obviously I gave my traditional smile .  I had only ordered one latte and everyone had ordered a lot more but they served me , let me occupy table as long as I wanted despite of the fact that it was busy and they needed table.

What Caffe Nuovo Earned Yesterday?

They Earned £1.50 from my side?  No, I think whenever I will be in Sidcup , I am going to have a drink coffee here to take inspiration from the cafe

What organization cane learn from Caffe Nuovo?

Staff matters a lot in your company, Your work is important but your behaviour is more important because “coffee” was availble at costa vending machine 🙂


How to reach to Sidcup From London?

you need a day pass ticket , take a train to Luwisham & from there change train for Sidcup. It will not take more than 45 minutes to reach from Victoria station to Sidcup. London Bus Services are also active in Sidcup so you can come to Sidcup by Bus as well.