Culturally Fit Wembley For Indian Travellers

One of the famous place in North West London, Wembley is very famous for the perfect blend of variety of cultures from round the globe. So if you come to visit this place you need to make up your mind with things you want to do when you are actually at the place. The location of this place is such that you can reach central London in half an hour when you are traveling in a tube. Here I am going to describe few places which you can  visit when you are in Wembley.

Wembley National Stadium:

As the name suggests the football stadium here is the biggest and all the major events in the game of football happen here and mind you they are very frequent. Apart from the matches here major music concerts are also conducted here. This stadium has capacity off more than 70,000 people. There are number of entry gates for the entry in the stadium and yeah don’t get scared by the number 70k there is never a traffic jam at this place even if its champions league finals. The arch of this stadium is very famous and during event the lights in the arch are lighted up to add to the beauty of the structure of the place. Every Sunday there is market gathering in the parking space of the stadium where you can find clothing, food and entertainment stalls; the market is called Sunday market. To be Honest I haven’t been inside the stadium I always intended to but due to work I couldn’t, maybe next time. Some people also say that you can only see white people in this place when there is some even in the stadium which is said sarcastically but its not true.

Religious Places in Wembley For Indian:

 Sanatan temple for Hindus is the biggest in London just near the Alperton tube station. This temple constitutes many Hindu gods and all the Hindu festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and great fervor. This place get crowded during festivals and also on weekends, best time is to visit during the week. Swaminarayan temple in Neasden is also one of the biggest for the Swaminarayan’s in London. The food in this place is awesome and being a big foodie I loved their items specially in Diwali. Both these temples have great ambience and the mood in the place is so pious. Apart from this there is this Wembley Central mosque which is on Chaplin road. Muslims gather for their prayers every Friday. There are many churches in and around Wembley. SriLankan temple on Ranelagh road.

Indian Food in Wembley:

So we are on my favorite section my mouth is already watering. May restaurants are there in this place depends on what you want to have. Kebabish just opposite to Wembley Central mosque is famous for its wraps and Kebabs. Taste of Lahore is also good in serving Chana roll and grilled meat. I wouldn’t be able to give more details on the non veg items as I am a proper veggie. Chennai Dosa is one of the best place to get quality and cheap food. This place used to be my Sunday breakfast place. £3 dosa used to keep me up and running for few hours on a Sunday. There are many small food outlets on Eagle road where you can enjoy Indian snacks, very spicy thought. For posh restaurants and bars you need to visit the suburbs of Wembley like Kenton, Sudbury, Harrow and Wembley Park.

Cinema Near Wembley:

There are no big cinema’s in Wembley however the big ones are in Ealing, Harrow and Acton. These are at a distance of 15 minutes from Wembley central station.

There are many parks and riverside walks in Wembley where you can go with your family and spend valuable time and also enjoy the weather.

Traveling Around Wembley:

 Bakerloo line towards Harrow and Wealdstone can help you reach Wembley central station. Piccadilly line towards Uxbridge stops are Alperton, Jubilee and Metropolitan line stops at Wembley Park station just opposite to Wembley National stadium. So come and visit the place it is always hustling and bustling. Let me know if you have visited these places or not and if you have seen some other places then do let me know.

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