USA: A Journey Cherished for Lifetime!

Being a vocalist and a performing artist, I am privileged with an opportunity to travel several places in the world. But one of the best destinations I have ever travelled to is USA and that fact, remains unchanged. My love for travelling and performing at different places, made me grab this golden prospect of my life.

USA It Is!

After the prolonged journey of nearly fifteen hours, my band members and I finally reached the JFK, New York Airport. Travelling in the economy class is definitely not a pleasant experience as it leads to a severe back ache and brings exhaustion. But I felt that the journey was totally worth when I was welcomed by the fresh aroma of coffee beans on the JFK Airport. I immediately grabbed a coffee to overcome the fatigue. The increased caffeine levels helped me to stand throughout the long queue of immigration process. After a perplexing questioning session we headed out of the airport and were exposed to a new-fangled world!

New Jersey and the Gujaratism

As the car headed towards New Jersey, also known as the garden state, I came across familiar Gujarati faces reminding me of my homeland. The droopy clothes on the exteriors of the fence of the houses looked quite funny as I thought “Oh, how people stick to their culture!” The houses were beautifully decorated as the Halloween was approaching and the varied hues of flowers enhanced the look. We finally reached the house of the organizer where we resided for the next three months.




San Francisco: The Heaven Unleashed!

I was elated when I came to know about the first concert held at San Francisco which is a heaven on earth. We travelled from New Jersey to San Francisco by car and casino online had a cherished journey henceforth. Travelling on the roads of USA feels like riding on smooth beds void of any puddles or potholes. Imagine lovely mountains on your right, enormous sea on your left and a path in between! As I inhaled the fresh air in my lungs and saw the lovely houses on my way, I thought “What would it be like to settle down here and never go back?!” On the next day we went for sightseeing and visited the golden gate bridge which gave the picturesque view of the area. I left San Francisco with a heavy heart.

New York: Shopping Spree at the Times Square

Walking on the buzzing New York streets with a cappuccino in one hand and a burger in another is a different feeling altogether. It is undoubtedly one of the best fashion hubs in the world. I saw sleek females wearing glamorous clothes unlike the majority of the crowd in USA which is obese. I visited New York with a long lost friend with whom I revived the memories of past. The journey to New York ended after exploring places like Empire State building, Statue ofLiberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center.  I left New York with a hole in my pocket as I spent a few dollars on shopping.

California, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and More

USA is a gigantic place and one can never fall short of words if one sits to describe each place in detail. Atlantic City and the Board Walk, Las Vegas with the Casinos and California with Hollywood makes USA one of the best tourist destinations of the world. Inspite of having visited all these places, I feel like revisiting them again and again whenever I get another chance.