Business Visitor Visa UK

if you are wondering that how to get business visitor visa for UK as an Indian here are some simple guidelines. And you can surely get business visitor visa for UK

  • 6 Month bank statements ( must have good amount of balance Approx 5 lac total)
  • Saving documents ( FD, Shares etc)
  • Income tax Return ( 3 years IT Returns)
  • Marriage Certificate ( if you are married you must submit this even if you are not taking your wife with you)
  • Invitation Letters ( You must produce 2-3 invitation letters for business purpose. if you do not have invitation letters you have very limited possibility to get a visa)
  • Cover Letter & Photograph.


you must write mobile casino an applicatoin on VFS website and do online submission. All you need to do is to go to VFS office and submit the document. if you are visiting first time you need to bring medical clearance . ( I guess show) you must have valid proof that you are coming bank .


We get visa normally in 10 days.

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